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Certified Restraint Training

  • CRT can assist in decreasing the need for restraint by training your organization in research-based de-escalation techniques.
  • CRT equips participants with the knowledge and skills to perform and instruct others in both non-physical and physical crisis management techniques.
  • CRT classes are taught by certified instructors with low instructor-to-trainee ratios to allow for personalized discussion and hands-on instruction.
  • Course materials are provided at no additional charge.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to train individuals to use non-combative techniques to de-escalate a crisis situation due to mental or physical stress that could cause someone to strike out and physically injure themselves or others. If physical restraint is necessary, CRT instructs our trainees to use the least amount of force needed to restrain an individual and prevent others from being harmed. Our trainees are taught to consider the size, age, and mental and physical health of an individual before using physical restraint.

Matt Eldridge, Ed.S.

Founder/Master Instructor/CEO of Certified Restraint and De-Escalation Training

Sheila Pemberton, Ed.S.

CRT Lead National Sales Associate

Lora Blankenship, MAED


Rachel Whittenbarger

CRT Marketing Coordinator

Our Program

CRT development began in 2006, when while working as a public school administrator, CRT founder Matt Eldridge observed a restraint training in his district. Matt was concerned with the lack of de-escalation techniques and guidance of federal and state laws provided to attendees. Additionally, Matt's background in health and physical education, kinesiology, and martial arts caused him to question the safety of the restraint techniques that he witnessed. As a result of his concerns, Matt made it his mission to develop a restraint and de-escalation program that provides instruction on the identification of the warning signs of stress, research-based de-escalation techniques, guidance concerning federal/state regulations, and safe, effective restraint techniques that protect all individuals.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Warning Signs of Stress & Anger
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal De-Escalation
  • Safety Skills & Techniques
  • Preventative Measures
  • Federal/State Restraint Guidelines & Laws
  • Escape Techniques
  • Restraint Only As a Last Resort in Order to Prevent Injury - Never as a Means of Coercion, Punishment, Intimidation, or Retaliation
  • Never restrain for an extended time or past the point of de-escalation.
  • Consideration of the Size, Age, Physical and Mental Health of all Individuals


"CRT is cost-effective, easy to implement and teach, and can be used in various settings."

Director of Human Resources, Provider of Services for Developmentally Delayed Individuals, Indiana

"The training videos provided by CRT were so helpful as I trained others in my organization. I used them as a refresher and played them for the group I trained."

Special Education Teacher, Tennessee

"I am a firm believer in the de-escalation process and feel that CRT's techniques have helped to significantly reduce the number of physical restraints we are performing. CRT is easy to remember, easy for staff to learn and involves less steps than other methods. Our staff loves CRT!"

Special Education Supervisor, Tennessee

"What I especially like about the program is the emphasis on de-escalation using verbal and non-verbal techniques to defuse situations before they turn physical. My staff and I have been very satisfied since we switched to CRT. I would recommend CRT without hesitation."

Director of Schools, Indiana

"As a special education supervisor and a special educator for many years, I have been trained by several companies in these techniques and by far, I am more satisfied with the techniques and training received from CRT. CRT has made a tremendous impact on our district and has provided support to teachers and staff who work with students with severe behavior problems."

Special Education Supervisor, Tennessee

"The restraint and de-escalation techniques taught by CRT comply with federal and state laws and always take into consideration the safety of all individuals. The restraint techniques are easy enough for myself and my colleague to take back to our district and teach."

Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Tennessee

"Matt has been our trainer for the last two years. He is the best trainer we have had in my 14 years as an ESC (Educational Service Center) Superintendent."

Superintendent of Schools, Ohio

"We began utilizing CRT five years ago. We have found that not only is it more cost effective, but better meets our needs in many aspects. The focus on preventing a crisis and de-escalation, as well as keeping everyone safe was the type of training we were looking for. The training needed to be simple enough for our staff to be able to learn and utilize it throughout the year. Our restraints have decreased by 80% in the last five years. I highly recommend CRT."

Director, Non-Profit Residential Services for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Training Models:

CRT can customize a de-escalation and restraint plan that works for your organization!

If you have at least five participants, our instructors will travel to your location.

CRT's most popular training models include Train the Trainer, Staff Trainings, and Hybrid Trainings:

  • Train the Trainer Model: CRT instructors provides de-escalation and restraint training to individuals who can then train others within their system or company for no additional fee. Train the Trainer participants are provided access to training materials and vidoes.
  • Staff Training Model: CRT instructors provide de-escalation and restraint training to your staff.
  • Hybrid Training Model: CRT instructors provide de-escalation and restraint training to your staff and to individuals who can then train others within your system or company. Individuals identified as system or company trainers are provided access to training materials and vidoes.

*All training options include continual support from CRT's team of de-escalation and restraint professionals at no extra charge.

Call us today to discuss which program is right for you and your staff!